About Us

Name General Incorporated Association Woodpia Morotsuka
Chairman Nishikawa Ken
History May 1990: Began operations as “Morotsuka Village National Land Conservation Forestry Corps”
March 1995: Established the “Incorporated Association Woodpia Morotsuka”
December 2013: Became a General Incorporated Association
No. of Employees 25
No. of Officers 7 Directors     2 Auditors
Divisions Forest Environment Division
Livestock Promotion Division
Resource Development Division
Tea Production Promotion Division
Business Operations
  • Correct management of forest resources
  • Maintenance of forest management roads
  • Maintenance of parks and residential environments
  • Development of new agricultural forestry products
  • Promotion of special-use agricultural forestry products
  • Promotion of livestock raising
  • Contract work from Morotsuka Village and other local entities
  • Other activities for supporting the objectives of the Association
Trade Name Specialty Product Shop Morokko House
Address 2640-3 Oaza Eshiro, Morotsuka Village, Higashiusuki-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture 883-1301
Phone/Fax    +81-982-65-0264/+81-982-65-0267
E-mail    morokko-net@r327.jp